A Taste of Ireland

Rúla Búla is the real deal with a simple concept…A cozy historic pub and restaurant filled with time-honored relics, great food, perfect pints, a fine selection of whiskeys, live music, and jovial conversation.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry...

...for at Rúla Búla you will find more than good spirits at our award winning pub and restaurant. Our menus of traditional and modern Irish food, make dining at Rúla Búla a different experience every time.

Live Music at The Pub

Enjoy live entertainment throughout the week at Rúla Búla. We present a range of popular musicians from small acoustical to large band venues for your enjoyment. Check our calendar of events for upcoming schedules.

Pat's Run

The Annual Pat's Run Fundraising events at Rúla Búla begin 42 days leading up to day of the race. There is also a post Run Breakfast you can take part in honoring Pat Tillman. Commemorative glassware and Guinness pints are sold to benefit the Pat Tillman Foundation.

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate in a big way by joining in with hundreds of your closest friends each St. Patrick's Day for the annual Rúla Búla festivities. Live music, great food and drink with just the right measure of Craic!

St. Patrick's Day Countdown

Time left:

Press-Telegram, May 26 2012, Arizona offers tourists much more than the Grand Canyon, "Something a bit different is the Irish restaurant-pub Rúla Búla. It has the usual fish and chips and bangers and mash entrees, as well as the unique beef and Guinness boxty made with cooked and raw potatoes. It resembles a crepe or potato pancake stuffed with vegetables."

North Valley MagazineApril/May 2012, Mill Avenue's After Sunset Attractions, "This is the kinds of authentic pub where the fish 'n chips are cooking and the Guinness is always flowing. Arrive early and grab a table for your whole group on the outside patio. Great energy here, especially as the place starts to fill up."
Arizona Republic, March 2012, Eventful places to eat around the Valley, "Drop by this traditional Irish pub for some beer-battered fish and chips.. Whatever you order, make sure to wash it all down with a pint or two."
You Are Here, Feb 2012, Meet Me at the Pub, "Everyone talks about their first time at Rúla Búla. This place is as much about the food as it is the beer. Live music and a laid-back atmosphere will take you away to the Irish countryside. Have a Guinness on the patio... this place doesn't just hop just on St Patrick's Day."
Arizona Republic, February 2012, Cactus League Guide, "Good Food near Diablo Stadium... Rúla Búla... offers hearty comfort fare.
Experience Arizona, 2010 Reader's Choice for Best Night Life
Phoenix New Times, 2010 32nd Annual Best of Phoenix, Best Fish and Chips
AZMagazine, March 2010, The Food Issue, "...cozy up to a table at Rúla Búla for such real Irish pub fare as beer-braised-beef potpie and fish and chips." 
Phoenix Magazine, March 2010, Phoenix Files Irish Pub Crawl, "As with true Irish pubs, St. Patrick's Day at Rúla Búla is a big event, with live music, whiskey, and plenty of pints of beer to suit your fancy. Best of all pouring a guinness is an art form here -- one that bartenders have down to a science. A large patio in back, live music most nights and authentic Irish grub make ASU students-as well as locals- gravitate toward this popular pub."
Everyday with Rachael Ray, Dec/Jan 2010, The newest new year's eves, these cities rise to the occasion... Tempe AZ, "get a properly poured Guinness at Rúla Búla Irish Pub."
Phoenix Magazine, December 2009, ¤Your Downtown, Best places to see, shop, eat and drink is Valley’s liveliest downtowns; Tempe L¤VE their DRINKS… Rúla Búla: What’s to love: The popular pub quiz on Wednesdays; live Irish music; great pub food; great St. Patrick’s Day party.
Phoenix New Times, 2009 31st Annual Best of Phoenix issue, Best Fish and Chips
Frommer's Phoenix Nightlife, 2009 , "The middle of the desert may seem like an odd place for an Irish pub, but Rúla Búla has such an authentic feel that it's easy to imagine that its damp and dreary outside."
Metromix, April 2, 2009 Hot Tempe bars near ASU, "Sure there's corned beef and cabbage, and fish and chips. But theres also boxty, a traditional griddled potato pancake rolled around Guinness-braised beef. And you don't have to be Irish to enjoy the nightlife here. Rúla Búla is one of the busiest spots on Mill Avenue, drawing crowds for its laid-back atmosphere, huge patio seating and live music
AZCentral.com, March 17, 2008, Pour the perfect Guinness "The bartenders at Rúla Búla in Tempe are very, very serious about their ability to pour a “perfect” Guinness." View The Video
Arizona Foothills Magazine, Best Irish Pubs, 2008. Rúla Búla offers many gathering areas and menus of traditional and modern Irish food, making for different experiences every time. Step in at the right time and catch live music, open mic nights, and ever changing events.
Sunset Magazine, 2008, Soul search in downtown Tempe, “Rúla Búla Find some of downtown Tempe's raucous, friendly spirits by lifting a pint or two at this popular Irish pub.”
Arizona Republic, The Rep, March 27, 2008, “Tempe: A town for all tastes… “this handsome pub (Rúla Búla) offers grub that can tempt you to put down your pint of Guinness and hoist a knife and fork instead.”
Arizona Republic, Business, March 15, 2008, “Bartenders at Rúla Búla in Tempe are serious about their ability to pour a perfect pint.”
College Times, Bar Hopping, September 6, 2007, For Food, Drink, Rúla Búla leads the pack. “The menu far exceeds any normal bar selection. Rúla Búla’s live music scene will also leave the music savvy tapping their feet and toasting a drink.”
Metro Light Rail, Phx Rail Food, April 7, 2007, “Since 2000, Downtown Tempe has been home to one of these Guinness-centric pubs on Mill Avenue.”
Arizona Republic, Dining, June 14, 2007, Check out these eateries for cheese comfort food… Rúla Búla “Ireland is known for its tangy Cheddar cheese, celebrated at this Irish pub in the four-cheese grilled sandwich.”
2006 Platinum Awards, 944 Magazine, Best Irish Pub
2005 Best of Phoenix, Phoenix New Times, Readers’ Choice... Best Irish Pub
Scottsdale Tribune, Get Out Five to Try, November 3, 2005 "One of the more grown-up bars on Mill, this Irish pub's intimate wood interiors are cozy, and the huge back patio is great when the weather is nice. The Gaelic steak is scrumptious.
Arizona Republic, The Rep, October 20, 2005 "Let the bar hopping begin. First stop: Rúla Búla. Because they have live music every night. Sip a pint of Guinness or Harp and soak up the blarney."
College Cuisine, Get Out, August 4, 2005 "If you take the time to lug every last piece of wood for your bar from Ireland, it's little surprise that as much dedication to tradition goes into the food and fun."
2004 Best of City Search, Best Irish Pub
2004 Eating & Drinking Award, Get Out, March 25, 2004, "Best Taste of Ireland". Whether you go for the Guinness of the grub, on thing’s for sure: You won’t want to leave this little piece of Ireland."
Tribune, March 17, 2004,  Stouts of the Owld Sod make St. Patty’s Day treats, "To get the true measure of Irish brews one really must go to a pub… kindly Athena at Rúla Búla (was) happy to accede to your researcher’s request that his order be divided into sample of sundry brews."
Arizona Republic March 13, 2004 "Menu traces history of Irish food, Rúla Búla offers old, new, "The menu at Rúla Búla pretty much tells you the story of Irish food. There is the traditional: shepherd’s pie, lamb stew. And there’s the ‘new Irish cuisine’ to show what Irish chefs are whipping up with local ingredients, such as salmon with watercress sauce and duck with blackberry brandy sauce."
College Times, March 10, 2004, Irish Indulgence, Mill Avenue’s Rúla Búla amazes with superb cuisine, warm atmosphere, "I settled down to the lunch menu with enthusiasm, and was pleased to discover good, simple hearty food. The service is excellent and friendly, the atmosphere is lovely, and the food is wonderful."
Arizona Republic, Food & Drink, by Howard Seftel, March 10, 2004, Spring break chance to taste Tempe, "Rúla Búla. It always seems to be St. Patrick’s Day at Rúla Búla. It offers grub that can tempt you to put down your pint of Guinness and hoist a knife and fork instead."
Sunset Magazine, February, 2004 Batter up: all you need for a day at the park, "Plan now to score the rays, the food, and the laid-back fun of spring training in Arizona. Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Oakland A's training site. Nearby hangout is Rúla Búla for shepherd's pie, Guinness and St. Patrick's Day fun."
Rúla Búla earns Gold Certificate, 3 On Your Side Restaurant Report, News Channel 3, January 23, 2003. "A Tempe restaurant doesn’t need lucky charms to ace its health inspections. Chef Marc Lucero of Rúla Búla is best know for his fish ‘n chips and shepherd’s pie... but it was attention to detail that earned Rúla Búla "gold" when health inspectors came by... they couldn’t find a single thing wrong."
Arizona Republic, January, 2004 Top it off...Finish your evening with an international treat, "Rúla Búla's bread pudding is made from scratch daily and is topped with a whiskey-spiked topping that will add a tangy zing to your taste buds."
The Rep, Arizona Republic, January, 2004 Stadium-area pubs..."If your taste runs to songs by the Corrs and food such as bangers and mash, this Irish joint is the place for you. The Pub Burger is heard to beat."
Arizona Republic, July, 2003 Drinking in Style, "Rúla Búla boasts Irish authenticity with an oak bar crafted on the Emerald Isle. Imports on tap, cozy glass partitions and a back bar decorated with Old World saddlery tools make the bar very warm and rich and inviting."
Arizona Republic Cheap Date, July, 2003. Around the world in one evening, "Head to Rúla Búla for a taste of Ireland. If the lamb stew sounds to heavy, try the warm steak salad served with Irish chips.
Eating and Drinking Awards, Get Out, March, 2003. Best Irish Food. "In addition to pints of Guinness and Irish coffee with a jolt of Bailey's this Mill Avenue bar and grill serves up a mean shepherd's pie."
Eat Beat, Phoenix Magazine, March, 2003 Side Dishes. "For a lively St. Patrick’s Day celebration in a cozy, authentic setting, check out this wood-floored, brick-accented pub. The food is far better than the usual pub grub and the natives are friendly."
Arizona Republic, October 5, 2002 Pints of Interest, "Valley pubs give us a taste of Old World's neighborhood hangouts. Rúla Búla looks as if it were beamed directly from 19th-century Ireland to Tempe. Originally a saddlery, the building still houses plenty of reminders of those days. 'People come here to hear the music and engage in the art of conversation.'"
Best of Phoenix, Phoenix New Times, September 26, 2002, "Prize Winning Dishes: Best Shepherd's Pie... This version rules, the loose pot pie stocked with ground sirloin, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and peas in a rich broth of red wine and a garden full of herbs."
Rep's Best, Arizona Republic, September 15, 2002, Best Irish Bar: If the Irish digs at Rúla Búla aren't authentic enough for you, buy a ticket to Dublin, 'cause this is as real as it gets on this side of the Pond. Even more important than the inviting ambience and friendly staff, Rúla Búla delivers in the eating-and-drinking department."
Best of the Valley Food & Dining, Phoenix Magazine, August 2002. "Readers’ Picks...Irish Pub Rúla Búla"
East Valley’s 20 Hippest Happy Hours, Get Out, July 25, 2002, "Hip factor: It’s a small Irish pub (Rúla Búla) ou’re guaranteed to have a wee good time during happy hour."
The Rep, July 18, 2002, Luck of the Irish is the luck of all at real-deal Rúla Búla "lots of bars put “Guinness” neon lights, throw a live band into the mix, and have the nerve to call themselves Irish. Rúla Búla, however, is definitely the real deal. It’s like a cozy, living museum filled with time-honored relics, a fine selection of drafts and whiskeys, plus an earful of jovial conversation."
The Arizona Republic, May 14, 2002, Fish, chips make dinner crunch time, "Some nights at Rúla Búla in Tempe, all you can smell is malt vinegar. The Mill Avenue pub provides a large serving of crunchy, freshly battered cod and chips cut from real potatoes."
Eating and drinking awards, Get Out East Valley, March 28-April 3, 2002. "Best Irish Import, Boxty at Rúla Búla. You can get both the beer in the main with beer Boxty. Boxty, sort of a beef pot pie or stew-in-a-crust… hard to stop eating once you start."
The Rep, April 4, 2002, Mill Avenue aging well as college hot spot, "You can find good company, good drinks and good live music at Rúla Búla."
Sunset Magazine, April 2002 The rebirth of Tempe, In many of the small shops and restaurants on Mill Avenue are housed in historic buildings. Rúla Búla. Authentic Irish pub, right down to the lamb stew and some of the staff."
The Tribune, East Valley Flavor, March 13, 2002, Dump Guinness for whiskey and make St. Paddy proud, Rúla Búla offers a range of (Irish) whiskeys, from the lighter-styled Powers to the rich Knappogue Castle that was distilled in 1951 and bottled in 1987."
The Arizona Republic, March 13, 2002, Oh, thank Guinness for the perfect pour, "It (Guinness) certainly gets pampered at Rúla a Búla, where as much care has been lavished on the beer delivery system as on the charming Old World décor. We’ve had Irish people coming in and say we have the best pints in the state."
Phoenix Magazine, March 2002, Where Irish Eyes are Smilin’, "This year-old Mill Avenue venue features the best Irish food and whiskey selection of the lot. The whiskey selection will make you want to Rúla Búla."
East Valley, Get Out, January 24, 2002, Let’s do lunch, the 24 best midday restaurants in the "Spice of your lunch life. Our dining critics suggest 24 eateries to help you get out of your lunchtime rut. It’s (Rúla Búla) Boxty in warm and cozy atmosphere, plus virtually no wait, makes it a great lunch time choice."
The Arizona Republic, Tempe, May 11, 2001, World-class tribute, "Mother’s day meals...if your mom’s Irish you’ve got to take her here—Rúla Búla is the place for mothers who like to bend and elbow or who savor hardy Irish food from shepherd’s pie to chant to hide the Irish soda bread."
Irish pub knows its meat and potatoes, by Howard Seftel, The Arizona Republic, March 14, 2001. "Who can argue with tradition? And if you’re planning an extended period of celebration, Rúla Búla is probably the place to do it. Rúla Búla seems to have imported good time Irish pub bustle and energy as well. Rúla Búla takes the restaurant part of the operation seriously. You will be charmed by the honest quality of just about everything that comes out of the kitchen."
Sunday Arts, January 28, 2001, Thank Guinness for Rúla Búla in Tempe, by Ray Kook & Sky King, "An authentic Irish pub that attracts visitors of all ages. Almost as important as what’s on the menu is what’s IN the menu Rúla’s menus are a history book in themselves giving the origins of many of their most popular dishes. We can’t wait to go back."
The Arizona Republic, December 28, 2000 Merchants gear up (Fiesta Bowl), "Rúla Búla in downtown Tempe is busy unloading washing and stacking 548 extra classes to hold the three truckloads of Guinness beer."
The Arizona Republic, December 28, 2000, E. Valley firms cash in on Fiesta, "The pub ordered what is believed the largest delivery of Guinness brewing products in state history in preparation for Monday."
New Times, October 19, 2000 Irishful Thinking, "If Irish eyes are smiling, it’s likely because they’ve just set sight on the mouth-water meals. Call it luck of the Irish. Call it what you will, but this restaurant was worth waiting for. In our Celtic dining landscape, Rúla Búla rules."
The Arizona Republic Tempe, September 21, 2000, Guinness ups grade, "It’s the perfect taste of the old country that will set Irish eyes to smiling. That’s the report from a group of the Irish natives we asked to assess the authenticity of Tempe’s new Irish pub, Rúla Búla."
The Downtowner, Sept/Oct, 2000, Céad Míle Fáilte—Welcome Rúla Búla, "The food it is not to be missed. Serving up familiar fare like Irish soda bread and braised beef in Guinness, Rúla Búla also offers some new Irish cuisine like salmon in watercress sauce . What would a pub be without stout? Rúla Búla a perfect pint of Guinness, and has the finest draft system available for the creamiest, richest pour. The glassware they use is the pub standard--a 20-ounce Imperial pint."
East Valley Magazine, Fall 2000, Football Fever, "For a totally different atmosphere Rúla Búla, an Irish pub and restaurant with hearty fare and black and tans to wash it down. It should be a great "meet the game" place for the crowd that actually wants to be able to healer each other over the background music."
The Rep, August 24, 2000 Toasting Gaelic charm at pub Rúla Búla, "A great ‘meet the gang’ place for the crowd that actually wants to be able to hear each other over the background music. The "cottage section" of Rúla Búla is the spot for dinner. Irish fare can be had and hamburgers, too."
The Arizona Republic Chandler Community, August 10, 2000 Rúla Búla brings brews, Irish ambience to Mill, "When it (Guinness) and finished cascading in just over one minute, the beer before me had the consistency of whipped cream and was thick enough to draw pictures in."
The Tribune, July 27, 2000, East Valley bar has Irish eyes smiling, "Rúla Búla will cook up gourmet Irish-inspired meals such as broiled salmon with watercress sauce as well as traditional favorites such as shepherd’s pie in Irish stew. On tap, of course, will be Ireland’s most popular brew, Guinness along with other Irish beer and whiskey."
The Rep, August 19, 1999, Tempe’s got the hookup, "Rúla Búla will bring new clientele to the area. The city is making Mill Avenue more accessible to people by allowing innovative concepts such as Rúla Búla."
Downtowner, July/Aug 1999 What the Heck is a Rúla Búla?, "Rúla Búla, an Irish Gaelic noun that means uproar or cheer, will be molded into an authentic Irish pub-- a community gathering place for friends."
Get Out, The Tribune, June 17, 1999, New Irish pub Rúla Búla set to open on Mill, "The new watering hole will include an upscale restaurant will include all of the favorites we look forward to St. Patrick’s Day: Irish beer, whiskey and, of course, the perfect pint of Guinness stout."
The Arizona Republic Tempe Community, June 12, 1999, Authentic Irish pub coming to Mill Avenue, "It’s such a unique concept, and there is nothing else like it in the Valley. Customers will be able to relax in conversation areas; they will be able to get in touch with their Irish roots by eating such dishes as smoked Irish salmon and drinking Guinness beer. There won’t any music that is so loud people can’t talk to each other."
The Tribune, June 12, 1999 Guinness taps into Valley market, "Shepherd’s pie, Irish music, a gabfest with new and old friends and a perfect pint of beer. A scene in a Dublin pub? How about Mill Avenue in Tempe?"
The Business Journal, June 11, 1999, Authentic Irish pubs on tap for five Valley sites, "One of the most important aspects of creating an original Irish pub is having proper atmosphere. The concept is simple: serve Guinness year and good food in an Irish décor with the Irish music playing softly in the background while people chat."

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Best Nightlife
Readers Choice
Experience Arizona
Best Of Phoenix
Best Irish Pub
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Phoenix New Times
Best Irish Pub
City Search
This is the kind of authentic pub where the fish 'n chips are cooking and the Guinness is always flowing. Arrive early and grab a table for your whole group on the outside patio. Great energy here, especially as the place starts to fill up.
North Valley Magazine
Tempe LVE their DRINKS… Rúla Búla: What’s not to love: The popular pub quiz on Wednesdays; live Irish music; great pub food; great St. Patrick’s Day party. 
Phoenix Magazine
"Best Taste of Ireland"
Whether you go for the Guinness or the grub, one thing’s for sure: You won’t want to leave this little piece of Ireland.
Adrienne Frank, Get Out
Irish indulgence, Mill Avenue's Rúla Búla amazes with superb cuisine, warm atmosphere.
Jennifer Weeks, College Times
Rúla Búla's bread pudding is made from scratch daily and is topped with a whiskey-spiked topping that will add a tangy zing to your taste buds.
Kathy Cano, Arizona Republic
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